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You may be wondering what to expect with me at a photography session. I will tell you right now that every session is unique like my clients and I do not work with a 'one size fits all' approach. I like to get to know my clients before a photography session in order to make the most meaningful images that will stay with you for a lifetime. 

What to Expect at a Photography Session

Before the Session

Before the photography session, we will meet for a consultation. This allows for us to get to know one another and have a better understanding of both of our expectations. I will go over details with how I run my business and provide tip sheets to help you prepare for the session. 

The Big Day

This may be obvious, but please arrive on time for your scheduled photography session. I know life happens, it can happen for me too, but if a client is more than 15 minutes late without a notice then we will have to reschedule the session with an extra fee. Most of all, try to loosen up and have FUN. Leave the work to me. 

After the Session

After the session, I will send you a proofing gallery. You will get to choose your absolute favorite images. Once you do that, it will be time to print and pick out your products that will last a lifetime! 

Curious to learn more?

Let's chat! Contact me so we can start talking details about what it is that you're looking for. 

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